Hi. Welcome to my page. Here you will find a mix of my engineering and art projects.

Artemis I - Orion

Oil on canvas, 61 x 50 cm.

Oil painting of Artimus Orion in a fabrication hall
"Artemis I : Orion" - Oil on canvas - 80 x 60 cm
Oil painting of Artimus Orion in a fabrication hall
Oil painting of Artimus Orion in a fabrication hall
Oil painting of Artimus Orion in a fabrication hall

The Secrets of Topology Optimization

My new book:

"The Secrets of Topology Optimization: How to Design Lightweight Structures"
is now available on amazon!

Book cover of The Secrets of Topology Optimization - How to Design Lightweight Structures
Inside the bookCollection of book covers


Apollo 9 was launched in 1969. For the first time ever, the lunar module and all the other subsystems that would later be used in the moon landing, were tested. Two spacewalks (EVAs) were also performed during the mission.

Oil painting of Apollo 9 space walk
"Apollo" - Oil on canvas - 80 x 60 cm

Bird Automaton

This mechanical bird is a completely 3D printed fully assembled automaton. Rotation of the crank is transformed into vertical motion by a scotch yoke mechanism which in turn makes the body of the bird go up and down. At the same time, links are connected to each of the wings, resulting in a lifelike movement.

3D printed mechanical sculpture of a flying bird.
Bird automaton
Section view of bird automaton, 3D model

​Hyperbola Automaton

This model illustrates a unique property of hyperbola and twisted cylinders. A tilted rod revolved around an axis will create the contour of a hyperbola. This model is completely 3d printed as one part and requires no assembly.

Hyperbola automaton


Strandkaien (Beach Pier) used to be the place where all of the imported goods would arrive, before going into town. Horses and wagons were commonly used. In the background you can see the UNESCO world heritage site Bryggen.

Strandkaien oil painting
"Strandkaien"  - Oil on canvas - 120 x 80 cm


Torgallmenningen stretches from the Town Square in the northeast, to Olav Vs plass in the southwest. Even though Bergen is a small city compared to most European cities, the town square is worthy of that of a large city; almost 500 metres long.The area got destroyed during the great fire of 1916. A design contest was announced, where architects and artists had to determine how the future town square should look like. The winner of the competition was Finn Berner (1892-1947). He completed his degree in architecture at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Berner created the town square in the style of neoclassisism, recognized by its simplicity and smooth facades. In the 1700s, it was the home of Bergen's main pillory,  where criminals were tied and publicly punished by flagellation. Today it is replaced by a maritime monument to honor Norwegian seafarers and maritime activity. The monument consists of square rock configured in a pyramide-like formation surrounded by 12 life size sculptures and a pool.

Torgallmenningen oil painting
"Torgallmenningen" - Acrylic on canvas - 61 x 50 cm


Sandviken is filled with old boathouses and storehouses. These were originally used to store merchandise, primarily dried fish. The oldest houses in Sandviken are dated to the middle of the 1600s.  Like many other locations in Bergen it has been possible to buy fish directly from fishermen, a popular activity even today.This painting is based on Sandviken, but do not represent a specific place or location.

Sandviken oil painting
"Sandviken" - Oil on canvas - 61 x 50 cm


The very first bus route in Bergen was established in the 1890s with departure every 20 minutes between Rådstuplassen and Tollbodallmenningen. It was later given the nickname "Tollebussen". This painting is based on a photograph by Olaf Andreas Svanøe, ca. 1890.

Tollebussen painting
"Tollebussen" - Acrylic on canvas - 80 x 60 cm


The Central Park in Bergen, Norway. Here you can see the iconic pavilion at the center of the park, raised in 1888 and surrounded by statues to honor Edvard Grieg and Harald Sæverud. In the background you can see a part of the local art museum, containing artworks by Edvard Munch, Hans Gude, J. C. Dahl, Picasso, Christian Krogh, Nikolai Astrup, and more.

Byparken oil painting
"Byparken" - Oil on canvas - 33 x 41 cm